Laser Engraving in Atlanta

Use laser engraving to customize parts and products with logos, parts information, and more with high-quality laser engraving services from Coweta Precision Tech. We offer complex laser engraving options on materials ranging from metal to ceramics, and we use state-of-the-art technology to create detailed layouts and graphics. We can even engrave functional designs for electronic circuits and components. Learn more about our in-house laser engraving capabilities, and reach out to start your order.

Laser Engraving Explained

Laser engraving is a machining process that removes trace amounts of material from a workpiece to create a detailed, highly precise design. Our laser engraving processes transform digital design files into detailed instructions for our in-house, computer-controlled engraving machinery. Lasers use tightly focused beams of high-heat light that bounce off of a series of finely controlled mirrors to burn away material and leave behind a three-dimensional shape that can be composed of images, letters, numbers, and other forms. The laser beams are very small and remove microscopic amounts of material in each "stroke" to reach the desired depth and width of material removal.

Materials Used in Laser Engraving

Laser engraving processes can be used on a wide variety of substrates to remove material in a controlled manner without affecting the surrounding surface. Some of the most popular materials that we can provide laser engraving for include the following:


Lasers can burn away a fine surface layer of metal to create designs, logos, part numbers, and more on small or large components. These marks are permanent, as they can't be rubbed away, easily altered, or removed, making them extremely beneficial across a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Laser engraving is commonly used with aluminum, brass, and stainless steel surfaces.


Woods ranging from soft pine to hard oak can be laser engraved with personalized details, intricate designs, and even photographs for lovely home decor and design pieces. Laser-engraved wood products are popular choices for gifts and decor, and laser-engraved wooden plaques can create commemorative gifts and awards.


Laser engraving tools can create permanent marks on plastics like ABS, acrylics, and polycarbonate without damaging the material or compromising its structural integrity and form. Lasers create permanent marks that won't rub or fade away on home goods, plastic machinery components, and other goods.


Personalize and decorate fine glassware, home decor products, and trophies with laser engraving that can create an etched finish or clear engravings on glass surfaces. We use careful handling and specialized processes to engrave the surface of glass goods without shattering them.


Lasers can strip away a microscopically thin layer of material in organic materials like leather to create permanent markings without digging too deep into the leather. We maintain fine control over laser engraving processes for leather goods to ensure the final result is aesthetically pleasing. Laser engraving can be used to mark details about the leather in the underside of the fabric or create personalized designs on goods like phone cases, wallets, and belts.


Lasers are even powerful enough to engrave shapes and symbols into natural rock products. The beam of light can vaporize thin layers on the top of stone slabs to permanently etch designs or serial numbers into the products. It's popularly used on materials like slate, granite, and marble.


Lasers can also engrave into ceramic products, cutting away a fine layer of material and then baking the surface into a sealed finish. These marks are permanent and can't be easily scratched or altered. Laser-engraved ceramics are popular in home decor products, awards, and personalized gifts.

Applications of Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is used throughout commercial and industrial applications to create everything from personalized consumer goods to finely detailed and intricate electronics. At Coweta Precision Tech, we serve the following industries:

  • Medical: We laser engrave medical devices such as implants and surgical instruments with necessary markings, such as material information, regulatory codes, and other details. These markings are permanent and inert, making them one of the safest options available.
  • Electronics: Laser engraving is commonly used in electronics to engrave serial numbers on phones, laptops, and other electronic goods. Complex design files can guide lasers to create incredibly detailed engravings and markings.
  • Automotive: Lasers can cut out custom components, as well as permanently engrave vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and other product details onto expensive parts.
  • Aerospace: Just like in automotive applications, lasers can permanently mark high-value goods with tracking numbers. Lasers can also carve detailed designs, logos, and names onto the surface of components and panels.

Laser Engraving Services in Atlanta From Coweta Precision Tech

Laser engraving is a safe, permanent, and versatile option for creating personalized designs and individualized numbers into products across every major industry. At Coweta Precision Tech, we provide computer-guided laser engraving services and more. Contact us today to learn about our capabilities or to start your order.

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