CNC Precision Machining for Medical

Healthcare is an intricate science beyond a simple band-aid or tourniquet. CNC machining offers the creation of medically safe materials that ultimately assist in healing and recovery. The medical parts created by the skilled machinists at Coweta Tech Precision offer our clients confidence in the products they receive – especially meaningful for the designers and manufacturers of a medical devices.


The benefits of CNC precision machining for the healthcare sector are:

  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Increase accuracy and durability
  • Computer-controlled specifications ensure every unit is identically produced.
  • The ability to produce exceptionally small medical parts for implants, catheters, and pacemakers.
Precision machining services
CNC milling services

Machine Parts for All Your Medical Industry Needs

At Coweta Tech Precision, we make quality machine parts for all your medical industry needs. You can get machine parts of any material manufactured at our in-house shop, including aluminum, steel, Hastelloy, Delrin, Teflon, nylon, and Plexiglas. We specialize in stainless steel (300 and 400 series).
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